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This glossary of terms aims to provide you with a list of commonly-used products and phrases in the catering and hospitality industry.  For your convenience, these are listed in alphabetical order.

Bar Accessories – Anything that you might find in a bar area, including corkscrews, rubber matting, ice buckets, ice tongs and cocktail mixing spoons, for example.

Bar Stools – A piece of furniture which come in many designs, although they all have in common a single post and a slightly elevated seating position so that people can sit at bars.

Barware – Any piece of equipment that is used in a bar area, such as wine coolers, wine cooler stands, corkscrews, glasses, ice tongs, and so on.

Beer Glasses – These are usually of the half pint or pint variety and are used specifically for the consumption of beer.  Today, they are usually straight sided for ease of cleaning and stacking, although traditionally beer glasses had handles and were often the type found in traditional ale houses.

Beverage Stations - LArge pieces of catering equipment that can be used on tabletops for hot and cold beverages.

Bistro Chairs - Plastic chairs that are usually used for outside terraces or patios.

Black Plates – A piece of crockery which is black which is used for the serving and consumption of food in restaurants, hotels and other venues.

Brandy Glasses – A type of glassware product that has a short stem and larger base glass made for the purpose of consuming brandy and other spirits.

Café Tables & Chairs – Pieces of furniture that you would often find in cafes, both indoors and outdoors.  Cafes are usually more geared towards offering snacks and light lunches rather than evening restaurant food, and so wooden furniture and aluminium furniture is often found in this type of catering venue.

Catering Equipment – The term assigned to pieces of equipment that are used in the catering industry.  The phrase catering equipment can be very general and can encompass a variety of different pieces of equipment such as kitchen cooking equipment through to mobile hot cupboards.

Catering Supplies – This is a generic term used to categorise any type of equipment or product that is sold in to the catering industry.

Catering Tables - Plastic topped tables or metal tables that are used in the catering world, often at temporary events.

Chafing Dishes - Usually rectangular in shape, foods are put in these for serving at buffets and can be electrically or gel powered.

Chairs – A type of furniture which normally have four legs and a cushioned seat, although not always, on which people sit.  The design of chairs can be hugely varied.

Chest Freezers – These are usually large capacity freezers which a lower in height but wider than upright freezers, often designed to provide a deep freeze facility for food storage in restaurant kitchens, for example.

China – The collective name given to porcelain items that are used for dining such as plates, dishes, bowls and so on.

Cigarette Bins - Metal containers used for disposing of cigarette butts in your outside smoking area.

Cocktail Glasses – Often V-shaped in design with a narrow stem, cocktail glasses often have a wide brim.

Cocktail Shakers – Usually made in highly polished stainless steel, cocktail shakers are used by professional cocktail bar staff to mix different beverages to produce cocktails.

Coffee Glasses – Often found in coffee shops, coffee glasses are often used to serve latte coffees and other modern-style coffees.

Coffee Makers – A piece of electrical equipment which is used for the purpose of making coffee for consumption.

Commercial Catering Equipment – The generic term given to any type of pro-kitchen cooking equipment and appliance.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment – The collective name given to any piece of equipment or appliance that is used in a professional kitchen environment, often larger in capacity and more powerful in wattage.

Commercial Microwave – These are electrically powered appliances with high wattage output, used to quickly heat as part of the food preparation process.

Condiment Sets - Salt and pepper pots which are usually made in china or stainless steel.

Cooking Equipment – The collective phrase given to any large scale electrical or gas appliance or even smaller non-mechanical equipment that is used for the purposes of cooking food.

Crockery – The name given to porcelain and china products such as cups, saucers, plates, dishes and so on.

Cookers – The term given to any electrical or gas kitchen appliance that is used to cook food.

Cutlery – The collective name for knives, forks, spoons and so on.  In other words, the term used to describe any implement that is used for eating.

Deep Fat Fryers – These are electrically powered appliances used for the preparation of chips and other friend foods by restaurants, cafes and other hospitality establishments as part of the food preparation process.

Dishwashers - A type of electrical appliance into which dirty crockery, cutlery and glassware can be placed and it automatically cleaned over a short period of time, coming out table ready for use.

Drinking Glasses – Any type of glass vessel into which drinks are poured with the ultimate aim of being consumed.

Drinks Fridge – These can be many different sizes and capacities, with different styles such as glass doors or sold doors.  When found in the front of house area in bars and restaurants, for example, they usually have sliding glass doors, helping to display drinks such as soft drinks, bottles of wines and other bottled beverages.

Electric Cookers – Appliances that cook food which have 240v mains electric as their power source.

Electric Ovens – Kitchen appliances that are used to cook and roast foods that have mains electric as their power source.

Fly Killers - Electrical wall mounted machines which attract then kill flies in a commercial kitchen.

Folding Chairs - Metal framed chairs with plastic seats and backs, often used for temporary seating at events.

Fridges – An electrical appliance (usually) into which foods and drinks can be placed to keep chilled over a period of time.

Freezers – A piece of electrical equipment into which consumables can be placed and frozen to be kept for a period of time.

Furniture – The generic term given to chairs, tables and other items that you might buy to furnish a venue.

Gas Cookers – A piece of catering equipment that is gas powered and used for the cooking of various foodstuffs.

Gas Ovens – Gas powered ovens which are an essential part of professional kitchens and even temporary events.

Glasses – The generic term given to items that hold liquid from which it can be consumed.  Glasses can take many different forms and sizes.  They can also be disposable or plastic.

Glass Linings - Used as replacements in vacuum jugs and similar beverage vessels.

Glass Water Jugs – These are often found in the middle of banqueting tables, providing water for the guests.  These are usually elegant in design and with a handle for ease of pouring.

Griddles – Very similar to grills, griddles can be electric or gas powered, and represent another way of cooking.

Grills – These can be electrical in power source of even coal fired in the form of barbeques.  Either way, a grill is a piece of metal with heat source underneath onto which meats and other foods can be placed for the purpose of cooking.

Handwash Units – The term given to freestanding units that can be purchased, enabling people to wash their hands when they are away from a traditional kitchen sink or bathroom facility.

Hand Dryers - Electrical appliances which are wall mounted under which hands are placed to dry after washing.

Hobs – Usually electric in power source, saucepans are placed on hobs for the purpose of heating up the contents.

Hot Cupboards – A piece of electrical or LPG equipment that is used to keep food warm once it has bene prepared, ready for serving at the table.

Hot Holding Cupboards – A piece of electrical or gas equipment that is freestanding and is designed to keep prepared food at a pre-determined temperature for large catering events, allowing the food to keep at-temperature in the period between completing cooking and serving at the table.

Hot Water Urns – Electrically powered appliances that can heat up large volumes of water and hold it at a constant temperature over a period of time, providing instant access to hot water for cooking or for making hot beverages.

Ice Buckets – Usually made in stainless steel, ice buckets hold ice cubes into which bottles of wine, champagne or even bottled beers are often placed to ensure that they are kept chilled during the period of consumption.

Ice Makers - Electrical machines that make ice for commercial venues.

Industrial Catering Equipment – Large scale, powerful kitchen cooking equipment which is often used to cater for larger numbers.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment – Powerful and larger capacity kitchen cooking equipment than domestic cooking appliances.

Juice Dispensers - Catering equipment appliances usually found in hotel breakfast bars that dispense fruit juices.

Kitchen Equipment – A generic term used to describe any piece of equipment that is used in kitchens.  These can be electric or gas appliances, or not need to be powered at all.

Margarita Glasses – These are types of cocktail glasses from which Margarita cocktails can be drunk, characterised by a slender stem but wide top.

Menu Holders – Usually made in stainless steel, these are the items that you find in the middle of banqueting tables at large events, holding the menus upright.

Microwaves – An electrically powered appliance that are designed to rapidly heat food.

Milk Dispensers - Table top catering equipment machines that dispense milk, usually found in hotel breakfast bars.

Outside Tables & Chairs – These are pieces of furniture that can be used outdoors and, as such, are usually made in aluminium to ensure weather-proofing.

Ovens – Electrical or gas appliances which are used for cooking food.

Panini Grill - A type of grill used to make paninis - a type of hot sandwich - witha griddle style finish.

Patio Tables - Usually made in plastic, patio tables are used outside on terraces and other outside spaces.

Pizza Ovens - Ovens which are used to make Italian style pizzas.

Plastic Glasses – These come in a huge range of different sizes and styles, and are often disposable glasses used for large outdoor events such as concerts and festivals.

Professional Kitchen Equipment – The collective name given to any type of kitchen equipment that is typically used in a modern professional kitchen environment.

Rectangular Plates – Modern style crockery which is used for the serving and consumption of food.

Restaurant Chairs – These are usually metal framed or wooden framed chairs that are often upholstered to provide both a comfortable and elegant dining seat option.

Rice Cookers - Electrical appliances that are used for the purpose of cooking rice in restuarants and similar establishments.

Rice Warmers - An electrical device which keeps rice warm for the purpose of serving.

Serving Trays - Usually metal, serving trays are used for carrying multiple drinks to tables and other purposes.

Sherry Glasses – These are glasses that are designed for the consumption of sherry.

Shot Glasses – An essential part of any bar is the shot glasses.  These are small glasses and designed to hold only small amounts of stronger ABV alcoholic drinks which many people drink in one.

Slicers - Used to slice meat in a safe and consistent manner, usually electrical.

Square Plates – Square in shape, these plates provide a modern and stylish way of presenting food in hotels, restaurants and other venues.

Table Linen – The collective name given to tablecloths, linen and other material items that are used for table settings at any venue.

Tables – A piece of furniture which typically, but not always, have four legs and a flat table top which is circular, square or rectangular in shape.

Table Tops – Usually made in wood or metal, a table top sits on top of the legs of a table on which items such as glasses, crockery, cutlery and other items can be placed.

Temporary Bars - A piece of furniture, usually modular in design that can be transported to an event which serves as a bar for serving drinks to guests.

Toasters – An electrical appliance into which you put bread and it comes out as toast.  Toasters are often either slot toasters or rotary toasters by design.

Under Counter Fridges – Available in a wide range of designs and capacities, under counter fridges sit below bars to keep drinks cool.

Upright Freezers – Freestanding upright freezers are very similar in appearance to upright fridges, but different in style to cabinet freezers.  Upright freezers are usually made in all white or stainless steel.

Water Boilers – These can either be electrical or gas powered, providing a facility to heat and ultimately boil water in large volumes.

Wine Coolers – Often made in acrylic, wine coolers insulate the cold of a chilled bottle of wine and help to keep it at optimum drinking temperature during the period of consumption.

Wine Glasses – A type of glassware product that are often available in a variety of designs and sometime colours, made for the purpose of consuming wine.  Typically, red wine glasses are larger in capacity that white wine glasses.

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