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    Barrier Wall Fixing

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    Soft Tube Rope

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    Twist Rope

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    Barrier Posts

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    Retractable Barriers

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Barrier Post & Ropes

Perfect for creating a VIP look at your venue, the range of barrier posts and ropes at Discount Catering Direct is comprehensive and is sure to provide you with everything you need.

Nothing provides a welcoming entrance area at your venue than luxury barriers, and these also help with your queue management requirements, guiding people to where you want them to be at events and special occasions. For those people looking to create special areas at a venue, or a stunning VIP touch to an occasion, or simply provide queue management systems, then you are in the right place to buy barriers here at Discount Catering Direct. We’re talking about those ‘barriers’ that you see outside nightclubs, or inside the clubs where areas have been sectioned off. We’re also talking about graduation ceremonies, large events, banqueting events, corporate events and almost any other type of event at a venue where you want to make your guests feel important, with that VIP touch. This can be achieved by using posts and ropes which are available to buy in whatever quantity you need from the experts here at Discount Catering Direct. Our one metre tall posts are freestanding units and are available to buy in either chrome posts or gold posts.

Barrier Ropes & Posts For VIP Styling

Of course, to accompany the barrier post, you will also need to buy the ropes, which are around 1.5m in length and which sit in between two barrier posts. Of course, it’s important to realise that the space that you want to cover with your posts and ropes set is not the length of the area divided by 1.5, as this would mean that each of the ropes would need to be stretched out horizontally between the two posts. Actually, what you want is to have a drop in the rope to provide the look you will need to achieve, and so whilst the ropes are indeed 1.5m in length, what you need to factor on is that each rope will cover approximately one metre. You can now calculate how many ropes you will need. For instance, if you want to cover a length of 10 metres with ropes and posts, then you’ll need to buy in the region of 10 ropes and 11 posts, as you need a post at each end of the ropes. The barrier ropes that we have on offer here at Discount Catering Direct are not simply one style fits all – we offer soft tube ropes along with twist ropes, both of which are available in 3 different colours – burgundy, blue and black – and so you are able to match up your ropes to your venue décor or in fact your corporate colours, logo or branding. And never fear, if you need to attach one end of your barrier rope system to a wall, you’ll also find you can buy barrier rope wall fixings online too, right here!

Buy Retractable Barriers For Venue Queue Management

As well as selling barriers, posts and ropes, Discount Catering Direct also sells retractable barrier. These are freestanding single units which have a chrome finish and stand approximately a metre tall. Within the top of the unit is a retractable webbing which, when stretched out, can cover a length of approximately two metres. Unlike the posts and ropes where you do want a hang in the middle, with retractable barriers, you will want to have the webbing across in a straight line, so you do the maths! These are the sort of barriers that you would find in the entrance hall to a busy venue for a party night, in the concourse of a large exhibition centre, in an airport for the checking-in queue or in a busy coffee shop for the queue management system. These retracting barriers are chrome posts with blue webbing and are available in the quantities you need.

Here at Discount Catering Direct, we aim to provide you with the very best for your venue, whether it be dining chairs, catering equipment, queue management posts or VIP barriers. We want to be your #1 supplier when it comes to furniture and catering equipment for hotels, restaurants, venues, airports and so on, and we are confident that we can deliver the quantities you need, in the time frames you need, at the prices you need and with the customer service you need to make your purchase efficient and hassle free.

Why not take a moment to browse our venue equipment online and make your secure purchase. We look forward to hearing from you.