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Shot Glasses

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    Arc Islande Shot Glass 6cl / 2oz

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    Arc Hot Shot Slammer Glass

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    Arc Hot Shot Slammer Glass 7cl / 2.5oz

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Shot Glasses

Ensure that your party nights go with a bang with up to the minute shot glasses from Discount Catering Direct.

Buy Shot Glasses For Commercial Bars

These are available to buy in convenient sized packs, providing you with the very best in price and enabling you to re-stock your bar with shot glass on budget and with the minimum of fuss.

Islande Shot Glasses & Slammer Shot Glasses

If you are the owner of manager of a pub, club or venue, then the chances are that you will want to offer shots to your clientele.  Shots have boomed in popularity in recent years, as people look to really get the party started with Jaeger-bombs, tequila and other strong spirits.  At the same time, these shots can be lucrative for the bar owners, and so it should really be something that you have on offer as part of your wider drinks options. The whole idea of shots is that you are drinking a small volume of liquid, usually in a single mouthful.  As a result, shot glasses are normally around the 7cl mark, so small in comparison to other commercial glassware that is available on today’s market. Discount Catering Direct offers a great range of shot glasses, including the two most typical style of shot glass – straight sided Islande shot glasses and the more curved slammer shot glasses.  Both these are available in normal glass but why not also take a look at our plastic range where we offer disposable shot glasses both in clear and assorted colours.

Buy Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are just a small part of our wider commercial glassware range here at Discount Catering Direct, designed to provide our clients with the ultimate in choice, flexibility and price.  We buy large volumes of glassware from the leading manufacturers and are able to negotiate discounts on a variety of designs and styles, and pass these savings on to our clients in the form of discounted prices. You can benefit from our extensive product range and a variety of different price points on shot glasses and commercial glassware to help bring in your purchasing on budget.  The very nature of shot glasses means that they will often get broken, scratched or damaged and so it’s important to ensure that you are regularly investing in your glassware. Our shot glasses are sold to you in convenient pack sizes so that you can benefit from the very best prices online, so why not take a moment to browse and shop our selection of commercial glassware today!