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Look no further than here for your new pro-kitchen fridge, perfect for commercial kitchen environments in restaurants, hotels and other venues - we have the complete range here at Discount Catering Direct!

We offer under counter fridges, tabletop fridges, upright fridges and bottle and drinks fridges, available in different finishes such as stainless steel and white, and with solid or glass door fridges, providing you with the very best in choice and versatility.

Catering teams need the best fridges

Hotel, restaurant and venue catering teams will always expect and demand the very best catering equipment. And rightly so, in some respects, as you can’t expect top quality chefs to produce top quality food if they don’t have top quality catering equipment. Fridges fall into this category, in much the same way as freezers, cookers and ovens do, along with a multitude of other pieces of equipment for catering.

Behind the scenes, in the kitchen area, it’s important for your catering teams to have the fridge space that they need in order to assist the food production process effectively. This isn’t just about how the commercial fridges look and appear in the grand scheme of things, more about the capacity they have, how they open and where they are positioned. Good commercial fridges will be easily accessible, with sufficient shelving and capacity and will run efficiently. You’ll hear some people say that their fridges have run for years without problems – this is great, although over time, the efficiency of a fridge will deteriorate, compared to the new models and technology that is being updated each and every day within the catering and hospitality industry.

Upright fridges are space saving options

Front of house, much the same principle will apply. It might be that you own a restaurant and you want to have the various bottles of white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and champagnes chilling in a refrigerator in the corner of the room so when your clients request it, your waiting staff can easily access it. Likewise, you might be a cafe owner who wants to display cakes and gateaux to your guests, keeping them chilled and enticing the sale! And then you might be a bar, bistro or pub owner who has a bar or counter and who needs to keep soft drinks, wines, water and other drinks cool ready to serve clients at your bar – if this is the case, then you may need to buy bottle fridges, under counter fridges or other refrigeration units that are going to do the job you need them to do.

Here at Discount Catering Direct, we offer the complete range of fridges for your catering equipment list, brand new and top quality brands. You are able to choose from small 125L capacity fridges in a variety of colours and doors to suit your venue requirements, including all white fridge with white door, stainless steel fridge with stainless steel door, white fridge with glass door and stainless steel fridge with glass door. Moving up in size, we also offer upright fridges in 346L and 583L capacities, again with the white or stainless steel selection options from which you can choose.

Buy commercial fridges with confidence

Not only are our commercial fridges extremely competitively priced, but you’ll also benefit from 100% complete peace of mind in the quality of your fridge purchase as a result of the fact that we provide a manufacturer’s 12 month warranty as standard. Buy fridges from Discount Catering Direct and you will benefit from years of knowledge and expertise in the professional catering equipment industry, enabling you to benefit from a quick, affordable and hassle free buying experience which is what you would expect from top quality catering equipment suppliers online.

Why not browse our collection of online commercial fridges today, make your selection, and make your secure purchase, not forgetting that at any time, our expert sales team are on hand to help you along the way, should you need it.

We look forward to hearing from you.