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Ming II Black Collection

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    Ming II Stoneware Black Square Plate 18 x 18cm

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Ming II Black Collection

If you are looking to buy modern and contemporary black catering crockery, then our Ming II Black collection is ideal for you, offering black square and rectangular plates on which you can present your food elegantly and stylishly. This range is super-chic at the moment and so unsurprisingly is one of our most popular ranges.

All our catering crockery products are sold in packs, providing you with the very best value for money.

Fine dining restaurant plates really are important if you are trying to create the very best first impression. It’s often said that guests in your venue will eat with their eyes – if the food looks attractive when it is first presented to the diner at the table then you are half way there to it being enjoyed. It’s probably a subconscious thing that if a plate of food looks appetising and appealing, then the chances are that it will be – in other words, your guests have decided that your food should and will taste good, even before they have taken their first mouthful.

Differentiate your venue by buying square & rectangular black plates

Of course, there are many elements that go towards the complete dining experience in your restaurant, including the ambient lighting, the décor, furniture, staff, service and food, and catering crockery is one of these. The fact that restaurant black crockery is all a-la-mode at the moment is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, the colour black has long been associated with quality. Secondly, it probably shows off certain foods better than others. By this, we mean that if, for example, you are providing shellfish, oysters or scallops as a starter on your menu, then these foods are light in colour, and will look great against a black plate backdrop. OK, so for some this is a minor consideration, but the best quality restaurants will always strive to go that extra mile with their attention to detail. And thirdly, it might just be a case of wanting to provide something different. Most restaurants will typically have white dining plates, and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, some venues will want to differentiate themselves from the competition in whatever way they can, and you can do this by buying black Ming II crockery.

Take a look at our Ming II black china collection and you’ll see that this includes square starter plates and square black dining plates in black stoneware, along with starter rectangular black plates and larger rectangular black plates to provide you with the complete range for your dining establishment. Our Ming II collection of black chinaware is just a part of our wider catering crockery range on offer here at Discount Catering Direct.

Dishwasher safe black catering crockery

This crockery range is dishwasher safe which is an important consideration when it comes to buying commercial crockery, as is the fact that these black square and rectangle plates come in convenient pack sizes, as it’s unlikely that you would want to buy singles of these plates for your restaurant. This way, we are able to provide you with the very best discounted trade prices on the market.

So, why not take a moment to browse our ranges of catering crockery and other catering equipment online. Our expert team have a wealth of experience in the catering supplies industry and are always on hand to provide you with expert guidance, information and advice. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our clients on all their requirements, and so why not get in contact today.